Tony Muniz

Tony Muniz is a third generation Tampa native with more than three decades of real estate investing experience. He began his career at the age of 18 when he purchased his first residential property. He later founded Gabriel Homes, Inc. and Gabriel Properties, Inc., where he currently serves as President. 

Tony’s drive and determination aren’t surprising to those who know his family’s history. Tony’s father and grandfather were both leaders in the Ybor City Tobacco industry — while they were integral parts in growing their communities. 

Those same values were instilled in Tony at a very young age. He has been active in Tampa for decades, accepting leadership roles with several community and civic organizations dedicated to the development of the area’s business and philanthropy. He has served as both Chairman of Finance and the Chairman of the Board for the Tampa Sports Authority, and is the incoming Chairman of the Avila Homeowner’s Association. 

Over the years Tony has volunteered his time and resources in leadership positions for local government. 

Tony attended college in the Tampa area. He is married to his wife, Dina, and has two daughters, Ava and Alana.


phone: 813-932-7944