Mandatory Wanding To Take Place At All 2012 Buccaneers Home Games

Revised security procedures for fan entry will be in effect for Tampa Bay Buccaneers home games this season. The changes are mandated by the NFL Best Practices for Stadium Security, and it is hoped they will not only increase security, but be more efficient for greater fan convenience.

No longer will every person be “patted down” when entering Raymond James Stadium and gender-specific lines will no longer be necessary. Instead, all fans will be screened with a magnetic wand that will detect any metal being brought into the stadium. Attendees will need to have keys, phones and/or other metal items in their hands during the wand screening.  The customary procedure for bag search will be in place and prohibited items may be confiscated.

The wanding will be conducted by Sentry Event Services security personnel, who will staff all entry points to the stadium.  Individuals refusing the wanding procedures will not be admitted into the stadium.

“We’re optimistic that as fans get accustomed to this procedure, it will result in less time in line and smaller crowds at the gate prior to kickoff,” said Mickey Farrell, operations director at Raymond James Stadium. “And as always, we encourage fans to give themselves a little extra time when planning their arrival.”  General admission gates open 1 ½ hours prior to kickoff and suite/club entrances open  2 ½ hours prior to kickoff. The magnetic wanding procedure was implemented in limited areas during games near the end of the 2011 season.