Babe Zaharias Golf Course has won first place or a gold award in the Tampa Tribune's annual Best of Carollwood Tampa 2011 readers' contest. “It’s an honor to be selected by the Tribune readers in Carrollwood,” Tampa Sports Authority Executive Director Eric Hart said. “The Authority has taken many steps in the past 18 months to improve our service, clubhouse and course conditions; being selected by the readers demonstrates our improvements have been recognized.”

It has always been a goal at the Tampa Sports Authority to make the golf course user-friendly and challenging for all players, and board members are looking to further its prosperity.

“It’s improved tremendously over the years, and I think it’s going to improve throughout the years to come,” Treasurer of Babe Zaharias Women’s Golf Association and TSA Citizen Advisory Board Member Diana Morris said. “I would like to see (the golf course) continue to grow and become a major golf course in the area.”

The winners section for the Best of Carrollwood Tampa 2011 goes to press August 24.